This is to warn all lonely single women about a gentleman (in the ironic sense) who's currently going by Rhet and is keeping his page private. Previously you may have known him as Rhett–which I knew him as.

You might say I'm one of his "exes." Sometime ago he sent me a private message saying he was having a horrible panic attack and in the grip of severe depression after being in a relationship with a mean, heartless woman. And that he wanted me to say, Rhett…I love you…I love you…..I love you….. to end his panic attack. I felt sorry for him and he sounded like such a nice guy. After that, to make a long story short, he started spinning this beautiful, poetic romantic fantasy about building a dream house and being on the roof under the stars. This lasted about a week and then he disappeared.

I waited a couple of days for him to drop me a line, but he never showed. Then I checked my friends list and found that he'd removed himself. So I went to his page later that day–and found that the comments I'd left had been removed. Later I made another visit to the page and found comments from about 3 other women in the same boat as I who've had their own problems with Rhet dropping them.

I don't think what happened between me and Rhet was that big of a deal. But I'm also worried–what about someone on this site who's severely depressed, who actually believes Rhet to be her knight in shining armor? He would be playing with her emotions in such a way as to trigger her to do something drastic. I think guys who play games like that should be banned from this site.

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  1. Roxi 13 years ago

    I would also tell the women to look at the guys friends list. If they are all girls, and very few men , most likely it was the man that asked him for the friendship. This type of man has a hoard of women friends. They use sweet sayings like, honi, sweetie, babe, always sending hugs and kisses . I think lonely women and those with low self esteem and the young girls,  cling to this. They start to feel special, and then realize he says it to all the women. I have seen women friends hurt and end up leaving on other sites because of this.

     They might not be aware they are playing with the gals emotions, but they should be!  Good luck to you all out there and be careful!! please!!

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