Arms wide open with rejection,

I feel the fretting coming on
I try and try and try to fulfil
their constant pressing demands,
but nothing works,I'm simply too
imperfect to continue living in
a world where perfection doesn't
exist,I do my best but am still rejected.
The bell sounds signalling that another hectic

day of school awaits, school goes on pretty
much the same,I try to please those who can't be

I find I give and give and give and get

nothing in return. Love's tortured past
resurfaces and I am forced to face it with
nothing but a shy smile to hide behind,
I look through the mirror but all I see is
the girl I lost who I'm trying to find, a lone
tear falls down my cheeks but as usual
no one sees.

I'm just another imperfection to be ignored
until I am discarded like all the others.
Why do I cry in the dark?
Is there no place for me here?
All those I once leaned on are gone,
I'm left with people who prefer the fake me,
, the one who shuts up her mouth and does what she's told,
other than the person on the inside who's dying to be heard
and rebel.

I wait to disappear like the rest,
hoping it happens soon,
if not continue living this way even though it's killing me.
I am hurt, never to be the old me memories of her
long forgotten and yet to find the new me, I am in limbo.

I'm afraid to throw myself off that bridge,
I'm waiting for someone to push me,
I am not wishing death, but freedom
utter peace when falling.

A kiss and a wave good bye and then,
I am yanked from my happy dream, launched
back into a life that stinks of black piss that
yearns for my downfall. Life is an unfair war where
the only weapon we have to fight back with is difficult to
find and use.

I sigh, my eyelids close between tears of blood which
now race down my cheeks. And slowly I sink back into my
much needed slumber.


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