How can you raise your child from fetus to 17 yrs. old and have them turn on you like you are the only enemy? From conception to birth, through 13 hospital visits as i watched my infant fade in front of my eyes to the betrayal i feel now. I spent 17 years fighting for him when he didn’t have a voice or the strength. I gave up all my old dreams so that there was nothing to interfere with my new dream of my son living and finding a cure! I would do it over and over again even if i knew this was the outcome. But my heart and head still are having trouble coming to terms with him running to the monster that hurt us both physically and mentally for years. Now hes the hero because he has no rules and more money. Now i know your thinking well hes a teenager, but this goes far deeper than some cash in his hot little hands. He wants to hurt me and knew the most hurtful way was to run to his father who now has a new family and very little time for the one he tried leaving in the past. So now to show his new woman what a good step dad he can be he wants to buy i mean throw money at his old family. Ans as a final show of in my face self- righteousness they have taken me to court claiming I’m unfit and neglected  my sons health. what a fucking joke.. My son was giving 3 different death sentences where he was not expected to live to see 1 year, then 3 years old and then his 5th birthday. Now hes 17 years old and I’ve neglected his health. Its not that I’m looking for kudos or a pat on the back. But how can they say such untrue hurtful shit?????????? Today i go to court to sign off on my son. There’s no justice in any of this. Everyone keeps saying that every dog has its day but, i know a lot of dogs that are still waiting years after their haness crimes against us.


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