I went to workat myretail jobfor the 2nd day in a row after the car accident I was involved in Christmas Eve – yesterday I was in quite a bit of pain but stuck it out the entire day. I went into work this morning at 8:30 and after a few hours, one of the managers started harshly reprimanding me for a decision I had made ($16 dollar decision). It really wasn't a big deal, in thepast I have always been able to takeher constructive criticism in stride, well, this time, I completely broke down in tears. When I came back from my break (I took a bit longer than usual in an attempt to pull myself together), she hunted me down and took me to the office, she apologized profusely and reassured me I was doing a great job, she didn't mean for me to take it personal, etc . . . I broke down crying and explained it wasn't being reprimanded that was bothering me, I went into the story of the car accident, which if I had not had my seat belt on, it most likely would have been very serious and possibly have killed me, how my car is totalled, I now must sell my house that is out of town from where I work, move in with my sis and her family, find a cheap car, I have no money to purchase a car or get a loan and when I sell my house, I won't make any money off of it, I just hope to get out from under the mortgage. I explained I did not know how I would be able to keep myself together while working, who want's to show up at a retail store to do a return only to be faced with a babbling, crying worker? My boss called a coworker to come in early and arranged it so I could leave early, about 30 minutes after our conversation. I get home, talk with my car insurance co and thankfully find out that my liability car insurance covers $100 towards towing and will cover my medical expenses that I incurred due to the accident. My policy also will fully cover the other person's vehicle and medical expenses. I am so relieved that my auto policy is taking care of so much more than I expected. I still have a long way to go but am thankful . . . so thankful.


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