Im sat in bed listening to the rain, im tired and need some sleep but i cant i ve gone over the stage of sleep  and  will sturggle on being awake. Im all alone in the house no one is in,  i dont know what to do. Im not sure what im talking about here.

Yesterday i locked myself out of my own house how stupids that. I dont know how i could of locked the door if i didnt have my key i had to wait 2 hours until my dad got back, when i got in i found my key was on my bed. I also forgot where i lived for one second now im scared that i will forget where i live when i next go outside.

I am counting down the days until i see my new therapist who i dont like i need to wait a month and 1 day. I want someone to phone my therapist i know its wrong seen as its my problem but i cant do it,

1) as they changed my therapist i dont know who to call seen as i think shes now on holiday

2) I cant see their their face to see how they react, i always think that they are laughing at me, even though i would find it even harder face to face. I wish everything could be done by computer.     

I fell asleep at worrk im just so tired when i get to work, luckily i work on my own so my boss cant see but a customer did but tey were fine with it and wont tell my boss. I walk into the club and as its really warm i fall asleep i cant alter the temperature inside as they will complain so i guess im there to sleep. 

All i know is that my life is the same as it was 2 weeks ago apart from changing my therapist. 



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