Hello all,I hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine. Us here in England, finally have some heat so making the most of that.Anyways, I just wanted to write a blog as I still have OCD but feel I'm edging towards alot more control of it than I used to. I used to want to collect items or remember them and it was/is exhausting.The way I have started to turn it around slightly, and what I wanted to share to give others hopefully the light at end of the tunnel, is by firstly confiding in someone i trusted, saying it out loud helped but if you can't do that or find that hard (which is understandable) then I really recommend therapy.Talking to someone in confidence who has your best interest at heart is amazing and for me, I worked out why I collected.There was some abuse in my childhood and the ones who were meant to protect me, didn't, so my counsellor was actually happy that I confided in him as he could join up the dots and say “you weren't protected.. So now you are trying to protect these items”. I said this at the end of the session so he is going through it and ways to help on Tuesday so I can update you if anyone wants to hear 🙂 He said mainly thought, by me protecting myself, the anxiety will go down and compulsion will too.I had a compulsion last night but ignored it, yes it's still in my mind but by ignoring it hopefully more will go! Yes, I still collect some and other parts as its not going to be undone over night but I really recommend talking therapy or talking in general as if you can get to grips why you do it, then you can get power to tell that voice to shhh sometimes.Sorry this is so long but I hope I've helped someone If not, sending a hug and a smile to all anyways xx

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  1. Mand862 10 years ago

    Oh and my mood was \”determined\” but it wasnt on the option hehe x

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