Broken am I, yes, Finished am I, no.

I have the self esteem of a rock that is about to become part of a cinder block

of a mental health hospital's basement wall.

Still my inner child is rocking a Sony Walkman listening to a summertime remix tape sipping Budweiser,

at someones house having a BBQ, wearing next to nothing.

But hey, I'm only 35 but somehow getting old now, LOL

I have less than others,but more than others in the same ways,

That i enjoy the simple things in life, no trips or vacations anymore.

By letting things get out of control sometimes by letting those situations get too complicated.

I've learned just in the past year or so of my life how little I need to live.

And how per-programed and spoiled we've all become, I'm not preaching “To each there own”

It's called to everyone else “going without”, or being poor, to me is just living life.

Going without” by my definitions is

if you have more than you'll ever need, want, consume or use to the utmost purpose of that thing in your life.

I have a roof over your head in an ever over population society, the use of utilities of heat and modern electricity.

I have a more choices in life than I can make up my mind about or shake a stick at.

Yes there are a lot of “I”'s referring to myself, I've never been selfish in the cruel ways that destroy peoples self esteem,

But I've never stopped and took time for myself either, sometimes you just need to stop and look around and relax a bit.

Everything around you will keep gong with or without you and knowing that your feel more alive.

Thank once again to my friends on The Depression Tribe .

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  1. scnightowl 8 years ago

     "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose." ~Janis Joplin~

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