I was in Oregon and Nor Cal living and working.  Doing ok, no seizures, just working, living and having fun.  Then some idiots had to start these fires, at first, I was ok, then it got worse, hurt to breathe and next thing I know, seizures and nothing was helping.

Went out hitched a ride to anywhere I could to get away.  A couple of rides later, got to east nevada, near the border of Utah.  Been here about a week, living with a couple.  I’m able to work a few truck stops, guys are always looking for some sweet fun.  Ran into a guy I was with a bit over a year ago, before I got hurt.  Asked if I wanted to travel around with him.   Sounds like fun…he dont mind who I am or what I do, just likes having some company while driving and the occasional quickie when he wants to take the edge off.  We will be leaving tonite, no clue where I’ll end up, but it will be fun.

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  1. jason01 2 years ago

    Stay safe out there!

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