Today was a good day. I got up and got the kids all showered. We had to be out of our extended stay hotel room much of the day so that the housekeeping staff could clean. I took the kids shopping to get some food and other things we needed. We went to lunch and washed the car. Came home and put everything away in our now clean room 🙂

I had a friend who IM'd with me on and off much of the day and then called me once she got off work. It was really nice of her because she knew I'd had a rough couple days and just having someone take the time to spend time with me really helped me through a rough time. I couldnt log into chat here today because I had to be away from the hotel room.

My husband and I have been working on trying to reconnect. Sunday's fight was the biggest we have ever had but since then we seem to have been doing a little better. I hope that it continues. For the first time in nearly a year I feel like we might be able to make this marriage work and avoid divorce.

I really missed being able to log into chat today. I have not been a member here long but logging into chat helps me so much. As much as blogging here does. When I'm in chat I feel much less alone and like I am part of a community.

Thank you again to any that listen to me here and or in chat. Its extremely difficult for me to let people get to know me and to open up. I am hoping that the annonymity of this site will help me open up. Maybe if I can learn to do that here I can do that with a select couple people I know in person? LoL Its worth a shot anyway, right?


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