A couple weeks ago I had very much hit a low point. It started with a bad grade on a math test. After I got that grade all I could think about was how I had failed and how I saw myself as a failure. This definitely brought me down a seemingly endless road where I felt like I was going to fail at everything so why even try. I had horrible grades in all of my classes but really couldn’t bring myself to do anything about them. I honestly thought I was going to flunk that quarter.

During that time I started to listen to music more. As I am not very good at expressing my feelings to other people I tend to just lock myself in my room and listen to music for hours in an attempt to distract myself from everything that is going on, in this case, that would be my grades, the stress of not being able to see my friends, and a change of dance schools. I am a major AJR fan so obviously their song Bummerland made its way onto my playlist. After I had heard it for the thousandth time I realized they kind of had a point. The story of the song is basically that the singer is at a very low point and feels like it can’t get any worse but then decides to flip his mindset to the fact that that means there is nowhere left to go but up. I realized that could also apply to my situation and slowly but surely, I started to focus on my grades again.

As of today I feel that things have really turned around. For starters, it is my 16th birthday which is also the day that all schoolwork is due for the quarter. In the time since I started to focus on my schoolwork again I managed to get in all of my late work and raise my grades. To top it off, a couple days ago I retook the very test that caused me to get into the state I had been in and I received my grade today and I passed meaning that I will be ending the quarter with all A’s. If you had asked me even just a week ago if I thought I would do as much as just passing all of my classes this quarter I would have probably laughed in your face because it truly did seem impossible to me but now I have learned that things can get better and I am not stuck. This has given me the courage I needed to start working towards my dream job of being an actress which I didn’t have the courage to do before and I will always keep that song in my playlist in case I ever get into that situation again which I usually do.


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