Hi my name is Daniel,

I’m a teenager. I had always had a really hard beginning. From being born with a birth defect that I had to get my left leg amputated below the knee, to being abandoned at a very young age on the streets of china. I had to survive basically on my own. I had no childhood growing up. I struggled with malnutrition, but have been better once I was adopted. I struggled with my new family in the US. A whole new life, new experiences, tough time fitting in. I used to be so angry through the passed years when I got adopted in 2010. I was having anger issues. Felt misunderstood, don’t feel loved. I know like theirs ppl who love me and love all u who’s reading. But it was just hard to see it when all you feel is loneliness, empty, and just a mess up. As time went on I struggled with my depression, I could not express anything that well. I tried to harm myself about 3x. But as years went on, I adapted. I had education, I got into fights at school too. I get angry if someone was messing with me or just bullying me because I was different. Im not the one to be a snitch because I like to solve my conflicts. I was a troubled kid. I didn’t like to follow rules, I was though always had a hard working and caring personality and many more. But I just don’t sometimes get a chance or something. But I started running even tho I had a leg that rlly didn’t suit me. That was like for abt 5 years. I have developed strength and encouraged a ton of peers, and others. I still gave my best even if I was hurting or not the best. I loved competition. When I got into h.s I matured a lot. Their were lessons to be learned, habits to break, and doors to be opened. I still got in fights, still done other bad things. But I learn something after each different situations. I still deal with depression anxiety and addiction. I gotten a new leg that’s worth thousands. I was so blessed. It made me way more comfortable and I could push to new records. In addition, just be able to live life without having my leg be hurting every step I took. I done mutiple different sports ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, wrestling, and of course track and cross country. I’ve always had that drive that I can’t just do nothing. I can be either working to make money and doing athletics and better my health and body abilities, or I can just give it all up and be even more sad with my life. I never quit I may have took rests and stops but otherwise got back off the bench or the ground and pushed through. I know you all probably thinking what is wrong with me? Because what you’ve read so far seems inspiring or motivating. But I still struggle with this past yr with vaping and weed. I’m still in the process of being helped. I don’t think it’s pitty to ask for help, or just sit their and do nothing that can benefit you and your future. So I just wanted to share this with who ever is reading and may be moved or touched. Or even wanna reach out because I love helping, talking about mental health. I don’t say all this too give u the idea that I have it the worse. No no, everyone goes through things it’s life, some leave scares like myself in my life, but if we all just offer help, offer a ear, a hand, and even offer to just call, it can change a life. I made huge changes through my tough challenges and I’m still not done. I’m okay with that because I’m not gonna quit now. When you feel like giving up just remember why you have held on so long?

My instagram is Dannyvan17 if you would like to reach out because I’m a good listener, advice giver, I just don’t want anyone to be scared or hide. That’s going to be hurting you and the ones you love.

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  1. aquazium 2 years ago

    Wow, that’s an amazing story!! You’ve come so far!! Way to keep going! It’s okay to still be struggling, we all are. I think as long as you keep trying to make progress, you are going to do some amazing things. I love talking about mental health, too, so reach out if you need anything. We’re here for you!!

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