I'm going to edit and repost my response to Lex's prior blog about "where are all the good women" and curtail it to Atlast's too. I hate to say this, but let's all get  a reality check! First, If your relationship didn't work out there is no reason to be irritated about it. Personally, I would rather have a relationship end than to have it continue in turmoil or deceit. Just because we are living with HIV/AIDS does not  mean that we should change our standards. Too often we hear about relationship after relationship where both parties rush into being with each other and it ends…badly. Where did all of the romance go? Take the time to date and get to know each other before shacking up. Secondly, If all that anyone is looking for is good looks and a "hot body" for a relationship then you are dooming it to failure before it ever starts. Every single one of us will get older, Our looks will fade and our outer self identity will change many times in our lifetime. If you take the time to build a relationship with someone that you really get along with and enjoy life together, you will never have to look again. There are good women out there, and it is up to all of us to find them. I have to agree with Xkaliber's post; a person has to take some time to reflect upon ones self also before going into a relationship, their hopes, their goals and dreams – and then find the right woman who shares those same views. Sometimes you might be ready for a relationship and the other person may seem like they are, but in reality they are not. If there is not a match then don't ever try to force the relationship – Let it go! My third and final point is this: We are all like huge puzzles that are missing that one piece to fit in the top right. Many pieces fit but don't look right, or they look right and never fit. We have to try these other pieces many times to find the one piece that was meant to be there all along. Oh but once you find the right one it will uniformly snap into place and look perfect like it was never cut apart and separated at all………That is what real love is in my humblest opinion. Disagree with me all that you want to, but its what I have learned over many years now.  – B 


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