I was remembering a time in my life some years after I had tested positive. I was finding it easier to tell certain selective people that I was hiv+ and even found it as a handy deflective shield to scare people away that I didn\'t want to date and even those I didn\'t want in my life….I really became TOO good at that, but that\'s another story. This story is about a young hottie that became infatuated with me when I was still DJing in an afterhours nightclub….He had become quite persistant and although I was flattered I was still put off by his aggressivness. I finally decided to tell him that I was positive and let the chips fall where they may. I decided that If I didn\'t scare him off ….that I might take that as good omen and try the dating thing again; something that I had refused to do since losing my first partner…..

So….I went out on a date with him….and when I thought the right moment had come ( I still can\'t remember when I thought THAT was!)……I took a deep breath and dropped the bomb…..

The guy looked at mewith a stunned look  for a moment as the words sank in…not really comprehending what I\'d just said……….than he BURST into tears!  I swear I couldn\'t get him to stop crying for at least ten minutes! Jeez! I  I was patting him on the shoulder and saying really lame stuff like " There there….there there…." and  " Don\'t cry man….It\'s really not the death sentence that it used to be…."

Well….he finally got ahold of himself and looked up with red eyes and a tear- staind face and blurted: " You just don\'t GET it man!  I always have the SHITTIEST luck FINDING a guy!"

Ummm….can you say " AWKWARD" ?



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