Hi Tribe Family and Friends, today i got to spend the entire day DJ'ing the local chapter of the clean and sober biker club's annual fall party. when i found out that they had not covered the cost of the party i told them to go ahead and keep my Dj fee and use it to help cover the cost. we bought raffle tickets and my wife won a beautiful piece of Arizonan pottery, a $100 gift certificate towards a tattoo. i had to give it to her because i got the last tattoo. so she get's the next won. i also won 2 t-shirts and we had a great time. the uniity the club shows is something that is truly missing in a lot of todays meetings. letting them keep my fee does not mean i am loaded, i livie on 100% disability and what my wife makes. but the whole thing is about being a positive influence to recovery.

another good friend of mine showed up with his wife and they did not have the money to pay for dinner so cheryl and i bought them dinner and did not think twice about it. one of my sponsees is going to have knee surgery next wednesday and he and his wife are barely making it so i gave them enough money for food and gas to get to another bigger city than where we live in so they can have a safe trip and be able to make it home.

what it all boils down to is being a positve part of the solution today and not the problem. give back if you can because when the newcomer sees that sort of thing they see hope. just stay clean and be good to yourself.

NA hugs and love,



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