Lyrics are a hard thing for me to write. Do I sound silly trying? Will I ever bother singing because I don't have much of a singing voice? Am I coming off as some dumb 14 year old?

I love music, it is an outlet, a place to express myself and hear expression, and somewhere I don't feel judged. So I've been working on an album of songs as a way to deal with my feelings. I already have a notebook full of stuff I wrote freeform from the last year of my ex being apart from me, but none of it feels "good enough" to put in song.

Ontop of that I haven't shared my musical ideas as of late, because honestly I've always felt like too much of a perfectionist, that nothing is even up to my own standard. I don't really care much for what others think but my own expectations. I want to make something raw though, so I might just record some stuff and put it together and say "Screw it, it's here it's imperfect it's me" and in fact even that statement, without the punctuation feels wrong to me. I need punctuation and proper gammar, and proper things and things to be "correct" but maybe not.

My goal is to actually sit down, write something and finish it. I know that everything I write right now is going to be sappy and not really my style since I like electronic music but sometimes it needs to be done. Somehow everything I feel about my darling love that is gone from me needs to come out. I want to get out how scared I am about facing the world alone, about how betrayed I feel, about how I feel so empty and meaningless and just how I search for meaning in the darkest places.

  1. rainbowdash724 9 years ago

    Hey! I'm a sixteen year old song writer singer and piano player. I know exactly how you feel. I had my first ex at 14 and he stole my virginity. That was the summer I started writing songs. Writing in general is great to relieve stress anger and being upset. Writing songs is no easy battle I agree. When I write a song I usually think about a past experience whether it is about a guy a ex having a night on the town or even loosing a loved one. It all depends on life experiences or it could be based off a dream like the song “video killed the radio star” by the bugles. I have a lot of songs about when I was in love about a guy to where I down right hated the guy. Speak from the heart and what you know. Go to a quiet place where there are no distractions and find your peace of mind. Relax and think about everything in your life or even listen to music to spark inspiration. I'm making my dreams come true and coming out with an album next summer. Don't give up! Reach for the stars and believe in yourself. GOOD LUCK

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  2. Birdhead 9 years ago

    I think imperfection is beautiful. Do it for yourself, and be kind when judging yourself. Perfect is overrated and is it even real?

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