Today has been another weird day, it's been okay but I've been challenged yet again and I've done something a little nerve racking for me this evening, since March I have built up a little business and I love what I do! I have quite a few clients and I work from home, even though now and again it's not the most practical thing in the world I do find security and safety working from home, but just lately I've been getting a few propostions from other women, that are wanting me to go into business with them, the first one I have managed to ignore up to now as I wasn't really that interested, but there is another lass that is quite persistant, she came up with the idea that we could open a shop, at first I was a bit excited but when the reality sank in and I saw the shop, I got filled with fear and I didn't want too at all!!! so I plucked up the courage to send her a message, I felt awful but relieved. She came round this morning and mentioned the idea of her an I renting a room above a Hairdressers, she knows them all and also started to tell me what days she would b willing to work and at first I said 'yes ' that feels like a good idea, but tonight and the more I thought about it, I don't want to do it, I would rather carry on working from my home, so I have sent her another message to say i can't rent the shop with her.  I just feel awful, I feel like I've let her down and I am worried that she will go funny with me, I hope I've done the right thing, usually I do things to please and not to cause any bother, am I wrong!!!!!!

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  1. angel1 12 years ago

    Aww thank you everyone for your comments, I do feel okay with my decision, and it was definitely the right thing to do, as today I learnt some things that have made me realise I have made the right choice x

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