I'm 19. i graduated High School in 2011. I want nothing more than to go to college.

When I was 10 my mother got remarried to her boss. Before that my mother was a single mom and she had to work hard to give my sister and me a good life.I want to believe that, at least, from the start she had good intentions. That she married him because he had money (not just for money) and could provide us with a good life. Dont ge tme wrong my step father was inviting and took my sister and me in but things with my mother and me were different.

Back to college:

I'm not trying to disclose my step father's annual income for the purpose of "bragging" by no means. Before he had switched to a higher paying job in his company he brought home $85,000 a year. They currently own two houses. One house is where i live and they other is where they live. Both with electric and water. The first home is 3,013 sqft, and ran about $300,000. The second is an average home. I dont know how much they paid for it. They also own three cars. 2012 Toyota Camry, 2007 Toyota Sienna, Ford Expedition.


My step father kicked my out when i turned 18. Even though i did not live with them for a year and after i asked my mom not to, they claimed me on their taxes. causing me to lose the opportunity to fill out financial aid as an independent.

I was denied financial aid because my "family's" household income was to high.

I am just so hurt. I know that I can fill it out now. I just feel like a mother should want the best for her child. I feel like she can say "Maybe I don't need the 2012 Camry, this money can go toward Ashley's college." So i wouldnt have to live the life she did. I feel like they have plenty of money, at least for me to go to a commuity college. She didnt graduate high school and of all people i thought she would understand. I want a normal relationshp with my mother but its hard for me not to resent her.

why do they need three cars and two house's?

I just cant comprehend

Am i wrong to feel a little resentment towards my mom?

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  1. ashley22 11 years ago

    I did work, at nestle, i recently quit to move back to indiana where they live. I was saving money to go. My real father, even with his unstable income was willing to pay a portion and my mother turned it down. i had a hard enough time getting my mother to say she would pay for a labtop for school. . . if i did go. she said she would if i had proof that i was going to school.

    i understand that parents are only obligated to "parent" till the child is 18, but i feel if a parent truly cares about their child they will help them out in anyway possible, especially if they are more than able.

    what you did for your son is impressive. im not mad at the fact they didnt pay for it or some of it. its more of the fact the feeling that she cares about me or what happens in my life is missing.



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