Day one of blogging.. It’s late at night and my dysphoria is keeping me awake. I decided to join this site to improve my mental health and hopefully not feel as alone as I have been. I know if i get comfortable underneath my warm blankets my mind will wander. And i’ll be left alone with my thoughts and what i’m missing. No one else around me understands exactly what i’m going through. All they can say is i’m sorry, and It’ll get better. It’s hard to believe it’ll get better when you don’t have a purpose and you wake up thinking today will be better. Yet go to bed thinking today wasn’t better i’m stuck in the same place i’ve been the whole time. I know I don’t have a purpose, and it’s supposed to bother me. But I feel like it gives me more freedom, mentally and physically. At times it is hard to connect with others in the sense of talking about life. Because for most it’s religious, and others it has to do with their family, friends, and job or career. I am here. And I’m making it through without a purpose.

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  1. hopeispresent 1 year ago

    Hey. I do not know what battle you’re fighting but I have battle scars from my own. I have multiple mental illnesses and all I ever hear is that it will get better. I can’t take anyone serious when they tell me that because I know this battle will be long, hard, and we’ll fought but it will hurt like hell. I can’t promise you that you’ll get over this soon because you won’t. But you can’t give up and neither can I. I’m always here for you and you can hmu if you need me. Don’t let your battle scars define you. Good luck my fellow soldier.

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