entry 1

ok so this is entry 1 not 5 minutes since my first written explanation and im already getting upset that my wife feels that my typing is annoying her and that wife swap is more important than anything i could possibly be doing!

anyway (fake smile, getting used to doing those now)

i have decided to be brutaly honest in my blogs starting with myself! so how do i feel?

  • well im over weight,
  • i dont get the time to do any exercise (something i realy used to enjoy)
  • im exhausted from all the mood changes and the 30 thoughts a second rushing through my head (not to mention the autistic daughter running me ragged)
  • i lose my temper really easily and often
  • the only thing that clams me down is cutting myself with a stanley blade
  • i cant keep my concentration for more than 2 seconds even on the things i like

so there is everything i can think of for now but ill probably add to it when i can think straight lol

my general mood

im exhausted but cannot switch my head off, i have a guilty feeling for just eating a plate of chips and chicken meat from the chip shop.

im excited about going out on my new bike (bicycle) for the first real time after slipping a disk in my back, when i cycle to the post office tommorrow.

im pissed off that my daughter is still awake and bouncing on her bed. although i know it is not her fault and in many respects she probably feels similar to me i just feel like everyone is against me all of the time and try any little thing they can to get to me!

anyway im off so thats end of blog one thanks for looking (if anyone has or does lol)

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  1. thistle 13 years ago


    hello there, anger,annoyance,anxiety, impatience,etc., etc.,–all symptoms of depression,et.al.   Don't know all that you are doing to get to root of problem—but exercise  helps.You mentioned your bike–good start!Remember when young,and playing outside all day –winding up exhausted at night and sleeply very soundly. Most adults don't exert themselves physicallyanywhere near the level care-free children do.For any number of reasons,however any increase will help you.A bonus is that  there are no side effects—except for a few aching muscles!  good  luck and all the best,ed

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