Well to get started I am 42 I have a husband and little girl of 6. I suffer a health anxiety which is known to spital out of control when I really don\’t want it to. It gets worse with little sleep and when I am stressed. I also have been disagnosed with prediabetes which has made the thought of something actually going wrong a reality. I stress about everything and anything and always end up running to the doctor for the slightest of things. Luckily nhs doesn’t cost as much as where I am from originally (South Africa). I do have some months where there are no symptoms and I feel wonderful and then some days/weeks where I feel I just can\’t control my emotions/symptoms. Example being yesterday. I felt I was having a heart issue, I had been swimming and felt exhausted. I haven\’t swim for some time and then started to feel strange feeling in my left foot which made me feel ill. I rested and then felt light headed when I stood up…. Couldn\’t eat dinner without the anxiety making me feel I\’ll. Also I have a fit bit which is measuring all love the place. From 55-120 bpm. Doctor said to take beta blockers but I am too scared as side effect suggest it will effect my blood pressure which is normally low anyway. I do a very active job so can\’t really be lying down and have to drive there too. If I do nothing I then overthink stuff. If I do too much I stress. I don’t know how everyone else persieves me but try not to let too many people know what is going on either as I feel imbarresed. Sometimes I just want to get off the roller coaster called my life and watch….


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