It seems stupid of me not to think of this earlier, but I'm not stupid and most doctors don't know alot aboutor in fact believe in PMS.

Looking back now, things make sense now. Yes, I have had lots of bad things happen to me when I was younger, but that does not explain everything.

A couple of months ago, in the midst of the worst PMS i think i had experienced so far, I went to the doctor and she suggested that i should try this pill that works on anxiety and depression. I don't have depression anymoreso I didn't understand. She said that some women can experience extreme pms and it can make them anxious, depressed, irritable etc. I knew most of the symptoms but never heard of anxiety being one of the symptoms.

So that night I went trawling on the internet and found lots of info on PMS but something in particular caught my eye – condition called PMDD (i think). Pre menstrual disphoric something, something. Anyway, I don't want another label, the name is not important.

What is important is it said that it wasa conditionthat a small amount of women experienced – extreme pms. All the symptoms described were the symptoms I would experience over a 2 week period.

I began to think more on this and remembered when I had my first anxiety attack – I was 11yrs old and that is the age I began getting my period. Could it be that my anxiety progessed due to my hormones? I have been looking for answers all my life and put it down to traumatic childhood. Maybe it was a combination.

Anyway, I have since seen the doctor again and she has suggested the pill to help so I am trying that now, although results may not happen for a few months. All this time I thought the pill was the problem. It may not help but at least now when I'm extremely anxious or suicidal I know in part that its to do with my hormones.

After progressing so far with my mental issues, I hit a wall. I was able to beat depression and improve my self but I still would have these bad feelings and anxiety still remained and some of it I could put down to PMS but not all of it. Now, I can put alot of it down to PMS.

I know this might not be the case for most of you but if it in reading this, you realise you could have the same issue at least I have helped someone.

This was not easy to write as I feel very vunerable and exposed talking about this.

Thanks for reading.


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