I hate myself for everything that i do! I hate myself for being me! I can’t do anything right. I don’t deserve life on earth. I don’t deserve to have friends that love because they’re gonna leave anyways. I don’t deserve my girlfriend. Does she really love me? Does she really care about me? I don’t know it anymore! I don’t know anything. I keep forgetting to put my happyface on! People keep asking if I’m okay! And I keep saying that I am! Why should I say I’m not. They wouldn’t believe me. They would run away if they new what kind of demons are in my head. They would get scared and leave me. Like everybody does when it gets to hard. I know I can tell my friends everything, but I don’t. Why? Don’t ask because I don’t know it myself. I’m just a waist of space. I’m ugly, I’m fat, I am a lesbian! I’m just a bad person so why would anybody love someone like me? I am a awful peron! I don’t even know why i am still alive. I hate myself, everybody hates me I can see it in there eyes. Can somebody just tell me this isn’t true, can somebody just not lie for ones! and tell me that i’am perfect. Because I am far from perfect!! What even is perfect,… can someone tell me because I don’t know what that is anymore. There is so much hate in this world. So so much and why? For nothing probably. Can people just love each other for the person they are. Not for the person they want to be or for the person they want somebody else to be. If somebody tells you, you are not good enough then you tell them wrong because fuck them people! Suck it up, you know what I do every single day before I go outside? I look in the mirror and say to myself ‘you look good today’! And maybe that isn’t true but who cares. It’s how it makes you feel! So fuck other people!!! Do what you love to do! And live for yourself not for anybody else!!!! -xxx- me

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  1. shadowmoon1123 1 year ago

    Hey… I know life is hard. I struggle with not hateing myself too and dealing with judgement, because I’m bi… If you ever want to talk, you can message me!

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