it’s me again.

And tonight’s story is called

blissful nothing

have you ever had one of those days…

when a light spring rain has washed over the land and everything thing smells immensely green and beautiful immediately afterwords.

There is exactly the right amount of chill in the air

and the clouds are broken up just enough to allow beams of light and shadow to dance across the world outside of your window.

Even The very light itself has that washed clean feeling to it.

It is the perfect day to crawl into a chair with a cat and a nice book.. maybe some tea..

but the kitchen is pretty far away from your comfortable cat and chair..

even if it really is just a few feet away.

Even the book under these circumstances is soon forgotten as the deep contented purring of the glorious beast in your lap sends everyone of your senses into a state of blissful mindlessness for a while.

It’s difficult to tell if you fell asleep or simply drifted off into waking dreams

the subtle lessening of light dims the room as the sun slips away off into the horizon.

The last reaching hands paint murals of every color below the clouds.

And it feels like it goes on for a glorious eternity.

The cat purrs on, twitching and shivering in a deep dream of her own.

Probably chasing small animals through trees… or something similar.

Memories of a small pink and white thing trying to hiss at the unknown smells and sensations laying in the palm of my hand and She will be with me and I will be hers for the rest of her life but she doesn’t know it. comes to the foreground of my mind for an instant and I drift away again into a state of blissful nothing

a subtle sound barely registers somewhere in the room.

Until two warm arms envelope me.

There is a familiar smell of sweat, flowers and home.

And in the last burst of light from the horizon I see myself reflected in soft blue green eyes

it is the perfect rain soak evening for two people to curl up in a chair with a happy purring cat. And a book that quickly gets forgotten.

I would not be hers for the rest of my life.. I wish that I would have known it

The end


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