Men! Are they stupid or do they just don’t care?

I’m a bit frustrated now, angry and disappointed. Stupid me for believing that he (the boyfriend, yes) acually listens, cares and wants to help? Or is he just unable to connect theory to reality? I’ve talked to him, explained what I need, and he says "yes" and "I understand", and I don’t believe he’s lying or trying to decieve me, but then – how come it is impossible for him to fulfill the promises he’s made, or even try to fulfill them? 

As an example; these days I’m not supposed to move my arm after surgery, so a little help around the house would be nice. But no, he won’tt even visit me. He says he needs an invitation. An invitation? To what? Do the dishes? Clean the floors? Fold laundry? Argh! He has his own keys to my apartment, so he can come and go as he pleases, but I guess I’m no fun with my arm in a sling, not being able to tend to his every need. 

All I’ve asked for is a little help, but I can’t seem to get that from him. At his place I do the dishes. I cook. I fold laundry. I change the sheets. I do whatever is needed, really.

I understand that it’s hard to be involved with someone who has the kind of problems that I have, and I know I don’t always welcome him with open arms and give him all my attention, but still? I do not feel I demand much from him, but maybe that’s just my point of view. 

Some days, like today, he seems to be able to suck out all my energy sometimes, leaving me drained and empty, even when he’s not in the same zipcode as I am. I sure could have used some help today, but instead of being angry for not getting it, I feel like I’ve disappointed him by not dropping everything and going to his place, because he says he misses me. I know it’s not logical, but nothing really is logical for me at the moment. I feel guilty no matter what I do. 


My mom says (and I don’t belive that this is true!) that all men are like that, not being able to do things no matter how often you tell them what needs to be done – unless it’s something fun to do with powertools 🙂

  1. marriahh 13 years ago

    Wise words 🙂

    I know… Just a bit frustrating sometimes to not seem to be able to communicate properly. I totally understand frustrations as well – I”m not the easiest person to relate to, as I don”t always know what I want. Or what I need, wich is often a completey different thing, although i have trouble recognizing it. (I sometimes see it, but by then it is often too late.)

    Anyhow, it feels good just to blow off some steam… Please bear over with me 🙂

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  2. Mudhen 13 years ago

    Don”t catagorize all of us together.  I have a full time job, I clean, do laudry, cook and take care of the kids.  Of course that doesn”t seem enough for my wife–LOL

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  3. marriahh 13 years ago

     Guess there”s always something wrong, isn”t there? No pleasing some people.. . 😉

    And NO, I do NOT categorize all men 🙂 

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