Things I need to do, should do , or maybe just want to . maybe even things I want to do but cant or shouldent /evil grin..

1. Color my hair , it’s a little to gray for my likeing

2. Think of something else for this list… started out with a lot of thoughts now they are just fading away..

3. curse MySpace for not putting a spell check on it!!!

4. get the dogs their rabbies shots {the neighbors moved back in they might bite my dogs and give them something}

5. Go put my blanket in the dryer and wash the next one {BRB} going to do that now !!!! done

6. wonder how you get so much lint off of a load of towels, from the dryer,.. it is like a wash cloth desinagrates in the dryer.. notice I sounded out that word, I know it must not be spelled correctly ..but ya can still make it out..

7. I LOVE doing the wash , but I HATE putting it away just as much

8. Give my dog Louie a bath

9. Check on tickets to go visit hubby in Korea, and then only fly any air line then the Korean one I flew last time / ugh 15 hours of helllllllll, and very little water

10. think of reason I cant or should not go to Korea, hmm it smells like shit & puke from one end to another ..see right there 2 good reasons///# 10 acomplished

11. find that new list of shrinks that kind lady at the mental hospital gave me {they could NOT see me there because I HAVE insurance go figure}

12. pay this over due , Old Navy credit card bill ,that I just found on my desk, hey it is Sunday I can out it off one more day.

13. go to the damn gym!!! hey DeeDee it is OPEN 24 hours MON-THR…

14. make plans on going to the gym…

15. think of reasons not to go to the gym…. /hmm other people might be there …

16. hmm already cleaned my air conditioner filters yesterday…

17. wonder why my Love bird is always masterbateing? is that why they call them love birds?

18. need to buy a new sucker fish, to clean the alge off of my aquarim…

19. wonder how long the sucker fish will live

20. wonder if I am going to go completely nuts since I stopped taking the Paxil

21. wonder if I will go on a homicidal killing spree {been wondering that} :O( thank god I live so far away…

22. wonder if they give vegitarian meals in prison,,, bread and water sounds like a winner ,maybe a good way to lose weight at that.

23. wonder if they have a gym in prison for women? anyone know ? if you do please do tell.

24. think of ways not to be molested in prison….. that was quick already thought of one …Sweet

25. be glad I am not suicidal {at the moment}

26. wait for my DBT work book I ordered off line to get here /said should be here by the 4TH

27. be scared to read the DBT workbook, in fear that it will not help me.

28. already time to put fabric softener in the washer {BRB} done have to love the smell of “Snuggle” “white lavender & Sandalwod Twist” smellssss so good.

29. eat something

30. go back to bed , wait , danm still washing the bedding /sigh

31. connect with other people , only the ones that are as nutz as me.. hmmm well maybe a tad less nuts then me..

32. I still wish I looked like my default picture, I love it , it would be so cool, it is how I feel anyways..

33. wonder if my son is in a undisclosed location with Dick .

34. if my son goes to prison …make another list , then flee to Canada {free health care}

35. wonder where the invisable weapons of mass destriction are?? Still not in Iraq dumbass!!!

36. I guess I will stop here the washer stopped again and I need to fiish # 29 on my list.

  1. DeeDee 16 years ago

    I Like my list Damn it!!!!!

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  2. DeeDee 16 years ago

    Thank You ! :O)

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