I'm in South Korea. Been here for a week, doing research on DNA which in itself is awesome. I'm having a hard time assimilating and making friends so I'm quite lonely. I have a boyfriend now, I was very busy til the end of the semester. Now I have time in lab since most of my time I am just observing the instruments and techniques. Its really interesting and the food is ok. I am just really homesick… summer is my time for me to be free and well now I'm stuck in another country for 6.5 more weeks.

I have quite a great supportive network of friends and family that I can depend on, but I'm still missing something. I just want to be home relaxing in the pool and with my beloved dogs.

However this trip has made me realize how lucky I am to (1) have great food [pizza, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, steak!, just thinking about it makes me salivate] and (2) that I'm quite lucky.

Before I even got together with my current boyfriend, I finally got over my ex. Idk things just clicked and he was such a jackass. I started hanging out more with my friends, one of which is my boyfriend. I was happy once again , I am still happy now it just sucks being so far away and dealing with the time difference. Oh well I guess this is just a test of maturity and patience, yet I will admit I am not patient at all. I was taught to go out and get whatever I wanted…

One thing that was quite massive was my reconnection with one of my High School teachers. He wrote my recommendation letter and basically changed my life. I wrote to him because I realized I never really officially thanked him. I also thought it was important to let him know about my current status and my actions to go abroad.

I just hope that I don't sulk and hide when I'm here… oh well time to get it on with some DNA


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