you know when you talk too much.. i have a problem with that and knowing when to stop. If people keep asking stuff i keep saying and people could so easily bully me with the stuff i say. Someone i knew just started talking to me today then ditched me straight away, even when they had to walk further, in the only other direction there was going the same way and everyone would have seen. I feel so stupid and i came back not hungry even though i was hungry when i left. i don't want to go food shopping ever again, i feel so stupid wherever i am.

Ineed a massive dress code change. I want to look unapproachable, feirce, untidy, unclean, angry and sad and hateful at the same time. i want to treat the way i dress like a peice of art that rapes hate into everyones disgusting eyes who look at me.

i want to destroy something beautiful. (i know that's off fight club which makes me feel really sad for copying off films quotes!) it's confusing knowing whether standing up for yourself is a good or bad thing. what if i just drag myself down to the sewer of their opinions, would i be able to mutate into something of them and throw it right back.

i really want to destroy something. i really could mess up someones face and i don't think i would feel any guilt. someone who treats people like that anyway. i have met an unusual amount of really horrible people in my life or really nice people who get it wrong and are really horrible. i'm a magnet for them. they're disgusting, thinking i'm stupid enough to twist. i want to ruin beautiful things that people are enjoying so it slaps a wake up call in their selfish faces, i hate them. i love thembut hate them becausethey're so horrible.


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