I know I am not on this site very often but a great place to vent about whatever is going on in my life. It's been a rough year especially for the last two semesters. I have been trying to pass this algerbra class a few times and this semester very frustrating again. Failed most of my test & quizes and have a 60% in the class. 1 more chapter test Thursday and my Final next Tues Dec. 10th. Having a lot of negative thinking going on especially after I go to class learn it and understand it. Then I also hired a tutor to work with me, but for some reason when I go practice and take test I blank out completely.I forgot everything I justed learned. I know I have test anxiety but really get worse with math. Other classes I do pretty well and comes easy. My psychologist recommended seeing one of her collegues in her office who does hypnosis. So I say what the hell let's try it and went to first appointment and we just went over my medical/mental health background. He is review and asking me randoms questions since I have problems falling asleep at night and waking up can also be hard. Take my klonopin nightly and my psychiatrist keeps telling me to increase my dosage. Then I wonder why I don't want to wake up due to being groggy and so forth. Overall it affects my daily life of work, school, studying and everything else in life. He asked if I ever had a sleep study done to rule out any other problems besides anxiety, panic disorder and ADD. I said no I have never had a Dr.suggest this. I am going to my primary Dr tomorrow so he can write up a order for this test for of course insurance purposes. Don't know if anyone has done hypnosis or a sleep study and did it help? Or any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

Thanks, Patty


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