So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I basically have not ONE friend left in Los Angeles. All the friends I have left are just to busy – they don’t even pick up the phone to call me or they don’t shoot me a message on myspace… so I’m unsure of what to do. It’s hard to meet people here in LA because… I dunno… it just is.

A girl I was really close to the last couple of years moved away not to long ago and now she’s moved back. She told me she was moving back. She was going to come back to the company here… we had lunch about a month ago and she was unsure of what she was going to do. I never heard from her again. Today… she shows up at the office, pulls in the front and stays in her car while I walked by… didn’t say hi or anything. She hasn’t come down the hall once to say hello either.

So now it remains… should I be friends with her still? I mean, when she first moved she called me, she said hi online and would talk about things with me and as the months went by she just dropped off the face of the earth. She also chose to come back to a company that is screwing her over and had screwed her over in multiple ways… even at the cost of her friendship with me (I guess).

I saw this quote and I posted it on my myspace… "Don’t let people be your priority while you only remain their option" It seems I am nothing but an option to everyone. Which is why I sort of hide in my hole now. I just… I don’t want to be lonely – but I also don’t want to be walked on. I don’t know what to do anymore. Los Angeles is such a lonely place for people who are genuine and sincere and it’s lively for the people who treat others like dirt and have no morals…


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