Agatha, your Personality Summary
Key Areas of your Personality
Your personality stands out from the average person’s particularly in the areas of:

* Your High Curiosity Level
* Your High Need for Variety
* Your High Empathy/ Sensitivity Level

One chapter of your 100-page Personality Report is dedicated to how you compare to the average woman and the average man in the 8 main areas of personality, and how this affects the way that people interact with you.
Subset of your Personality Measurement:
Low High
Social Need
Approval Need
Ability to Focus
Reliance on Intuition
Tolerance for Change

Your personality is made up of a unique pattern of traits. These traits impact the way you think, feel, and behave on an everyday basis. In your report you will read a detailed explanation of each of your core personality traits, including your strengths and challenge points.
Your Interaction Style:
You scored 10 in the area of extroversion/ introversion, which means that your energy is directed primarily inward, rather than outward. You prefer to have one or two good friends instead of a large group of superficial friends.
Researchers have discovered that extroversion levels come from the sensitivity of a part of the brain called the amygdala. People who are low in Extroversion have a very sensitive amygdala. As a result, you notice things that other people don’t notice.
Social patterns: You are left-brained when it comes to recognizing emotions in other people. When you look at a person’s face you focus on what you see on the right. This is a unique way of viewing the world. You are likely to be sensitive to ‘micro-expressions’ – the tiny movements of the muscles in the face that occur, for example, when someone is telling a lie. Hearing preferences are an interesting exception to this left-right crossover. For example, if two people were talking behind a closed door and you needed to put your ear on the door to hear, you would tend to use your left ear instead of your right.
One chapter of your personality report is dedicated to the type of people who fit you best as friends and coworkers, and the unique features of your social interaction style.
This Personality Summary is based on only 2 out of the 31 personality dimensions we measured in the questionnaire. Your 100-page Personality Report is based on all 31 dimensions and will give you and in-depth analysis of your unique personality.


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