Tuesday, May 22, 2007

old blogs from a distant memory
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my poetry, if you can call it that, is very Dr. Seussian but that in no way invalidates the pain and hurt and loneliness beneath/behind the words 

yeay for… (the blog)

Current mood: blank
Category: blah. empty, numb, defeated, resigned to my fate
Writing and Poetry

                            yeay for…




puking up blood (and only blood), and insomnia, the longer keeper-upper…

damn I would die for about 30 lunestas or ambiens right now

not even alcohol knocks me out anymore…

[blinks through bloodshot eyes]

roasting in my own skin…
vision blurry…
heart loud and racing (not for love)…
breathing… fun,
room spinning … only slightly (rum gone hours ago)…

genuine not well?

"i've been around the world enough to know that only stupid people are breeding…. me, i'm not sick but i'm not well…" -harvey danger flagpole sitta

oh well it's that time again…

tick tock, hard cock…

the end, like dawn draws nigh

is this poetry? or the rantings of a broken old fool?

you decide i'm gonna try'n get some z's

losing scope on reality…
is this a dream or something more sinister?




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Hybrid Theory
By Linkin Park
Release date: By 24 October, 2000


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