I don't know how to put words to how crazy my mother in law is.  She is literally stalking us and has been since my husband has stopped talking to her 2 years ago.  She has called him at least once a week for two years leaving sometimes harassing voicemails. She always knows if I am at my mom's house and not at our place.  She somehow got our address even though not even DMV has it (no one talks to her that would have our address, we keep it to a few people at most for that reason, and my mom's house is our home of records so she can't find us).  She somehow traced my mom's work phone number and called her.  She sends mail to whatever place I'm staying at and it constantly changes since I have family everywhere and our apartment.  She knew I had given birth and called the hospital a hour after he was born, who knows how the hell she even knew where I gave birth!  She knew my brand new car was mine even with nothing on it that would say it was.  She has shown up at my mom's house a couple times and has sent her husband as well.  There are blogs about Jared's dad that she write where she calls him names then removes them, I have them all printed out and on file though.   She constantly posts on Jared's company's facebook page about how he calls her and even goes as far as to make up conversations!  She also tries to provoke us by putting comments on everything we say knowing we will not have anything to do with her.  She's sending him packages and letters that bash his family and just make him angry in general.  How dare she provoke him when he is fighting for his very life?  She has even tried to threaten me to talk to her while Jared is gone but of course nothing that can be enough to get a restraining order on.    

She is doing all this to be in Connor's life and yet she can't see why would would die before she ever went around our son.

This woman is scary.  She is a retired cop so you can see how easily it is for her to abuse her power and get this information on us.  She was in a lawsuit not too long ago about using excessive force!!!!!  She isn't innocent.  She is verbally and physically abusive.   I've been trying to get a restraining order but obviously she knows what limits not to push so she is using 3rd party ways to get to me now and even stopped sending me mail when she figured out that I was talking to a lawyer.  

I've been staying at my mom's house while Jared's been gone to be close to home and family.  I want Connor to see as many people as possible and to have some help because I can't do it on my own.  The thing is, I want to go back to our apartment and start working but I am terrified to be alone!  Without the protection of Jared's dad, who also is a cop, I'm so scared she will drive down to me and take Connor.  I'm scared to put him in daycare while she knows it's just me down there for the same fear.  I have nightmares about her.  

I shouldn't be scared that my mother in law will steal my child.  She is not well in the head.  I don't know what to do.  The law will not help me and there is nothing to be done but live in fear.  

And what she is doing to Jared makes me sick.  She is not a mother.  She is a selfish, horrible person that has abused Jared and his brother.  Now they both don't have anything to do with her and she just won't go away.

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  1. ktbothum 13 years ago

    Wow. I am so sorry about your situation. I had crazy in-laws when I was married. (I wrote a blog about them if you want details) Glad you have contacted a lawyer and you have the support of your family. Hope you get that big break to get a restraining order.

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