So I’m sure I’ve said this before but my mom just LOVES to go around and tell everyone everything about me. It get’s her attention. Unless it makes her look bad then according to her it never happened. She would go to work and sob to her co-workers and boss when I was in my depression hard core. Every fight we had would be twisted in a way where I look terrible and it would be told to her co-workers and any upset customers. It was almost like a little Shannon story time every day she went to work. She tells random dudes on her games all about me while she sits there flirting with them even when she’s married or has a boyfriend. Why do I have to be the one she makes look bad? It’s always me and before she was doing this I was being abused by her poor choice of a fucking husband. He hit me  so many times I was thrown into so many walls. I was stuck in my room an entire summer every day I could only go to the bathroom and eat and sometimes I’d have to eat in my room if there was company. He was always insulting me talking shit about me. But not the boys… Not one single time. It’s not cause I’m a girl because he has two biological daughters (all live with their moms). I don’t know why he hated me… But back to my mom because I don’t really have a problem with that guy anymore… Turns out he has cancer and is going to die soon after they already cured him once so he deserves good memories for the time he has left may the rest of his days be happy. But my mother. She recently started talking to her brother again (he’s been in jail 99% of his adult life for stealing stuff every time he gets out). She sent one letter to him. I saw his letter back to her sitting out and I didn’t know what it was so I read it and there is not one thing about my brothers. No mention of them at all but what there is is “So what trouble is destiny causing I’m confused.” So she literally sent a letter to her brother in jail to bitch about me!!!! What a piece of shit! I can’t stand her! It’s pathetic that every time I come home I end up crying with in the first day or two because I can’t handle this women!!!!! I wish she would just put me in homeschooling online so I can get a job and get out of this shit hole! I honestly done living here. If this is the place I have to spend the next 2 or 3 years…. I should just kill myself. My boyfriend is moving to a different town which is a 20 minute drive away. And obviously my mom would never drive me there. Then she doesn’t get her pitty party. and to tell how pathetic she gets she got her sister to call me a bully because I said she’s not the victim in everything and she says I abuse her because I said we should have lived in the trailer park longer because out house is falling apart and we can’t afford it anymore. I mean shit I sleep on a bed that you would find in a hospital but cheaper and discounted that was payed for with the child support checks from my father that wishes I was never born. I’m hoping when my boyfriend moves I can go with them. They’ve let me live there before but expenses were too much for food and everything but now they own a business and they are going to grow most of their own food and the house is two floors. So there shouldn’t be much of a problem and I’ll be 17 so I’ll be able to deal with more of the job stuff on my own.


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