Well, I'm still unsure about all this.  I've started the earlier shifts now, and it does drag on when I know I'm not going to get a break after the first two hours.  What's worse is that the maximum number of hours I can get a week (if I work 5 days) is 15.  That's less than 4 days of work before.  Also, my boss told me that when the students leave (as they're a decent chunk of customers) he'll take more of the artwwork onto his  shoulders and have me in only 2-3 days a week.  That means an average of 6-9 hours a week.

It really seems like not enough hours to keep a job.  Especially when that job is capitolizing on my biggest 'selling point' of a skill.  I'm tempted, the moment I get 2 days in a week I'll have to drop the job.  I techinically can afford to keep it, but I can't afford my skills to be squandered like that.

There will be a position opening in my department at the newspaper.  It's full time with benifits.  I'm not sure if I care for it being 8am, but I think the benifits would be worth the cranky mornings (and even more cranky on winter days).  This oppertunity also means I can leave my anoying job with no regrets and no way for my boss to try and finagle the situation into keeping me there.  He can't afford to offer me benifits and he can''t afford to offer me cometitive hours.

I really hope I get it.  I applied for it, but my newspaper boss is doing interviews at the moment.  I feel very nervous, but I'm doing my best not to let that interfear with my current shift at the paper.  I was told by my coworker that there is a very large ammount of applicants and several well qualified ones.  I know my only qualifications are that I'm already familiar with the majority of work involved in that position.  The only other thing I can think of that's 'in my favor' is that I've been told my boss doesn't much care for the hiring process.  I know that's sort of a shallow thing to say, but it's at least an extra drop in the bucket?  Im not sure.  I'm not banking on it either, nor do I expect her to act that way.

I went into therapy on Monday.  New therapist.  I'm not sure how I like him.  I still feel a little nervous speaking up, but then I always do.  He seems to think my biggest problem is not being able to properly deal with any anger I have.  That my way of 'not making any ripples' cause me to bottle up my anger, and continually waste my energy keeping myself in check.  I"m not sure how true taht is, though I do have a tendency to overly 'keep myself in check'.  I always thought that was a good quality I had, though.

Well, anyway. I'm tired, it's not late enough to go to bed, so either I'll play some games or read more of my book.  Wish me luck with my application.


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