I had the worst night so far. My boyfriend left me me and him got along and evrything and i was wondering what was going on that made him want to leave me. Apparently in Texas where he is at the moment in college, he likes a girl and she's there with him and he confessed to me that he likes her and that he kissed her and that he loves her. He then told me that he wants to be with her and just left me. I begged him and asked him what did i do? everything was fine until this he basically just said find urself someone else and im truly sorry then he hung up. When i was on the phone talking to him he didnt care that i was crying my eyes out he was just calm and said im leaving you straightforward and just hung up on me. My stomach just dropped when he told me that he loves her, i never felt that b4 it was actual physical pain in me, after he hung up i cried really hard and started to get anxious, so to stop that i sat here and just wrote this down, it just happened a few hours ago and im still crying as i was when he told me that. I always thought im ugly but 4 once he made me feel good about myself but now i hate myself more then ever. Everyone always said he was too ugly for me, but i didnt care about his looks i was in love with him not his looks he was great. Now that this has happened i see him ugly inside and out, i dnt know how i will get through this im literally sick to my stomach thats how bad he hurt me.

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  1. Reanne_1 15 years ago

    Hey chick hope you are doing better today i had another argument with my bf last night, he is so insecure , i just dont think he is worth the hassle, one of the women in my office have said i can come and stay with her and i am really tempted. He is not worth your tears you know. You are better then him.Believe.

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