in my personal opinion(which i know is not shared by many lol) i think that people should be confined to having only one profile per website. i totally understand that some people have the need to keep thier identities private, however, what would be the need to have more than one profile for the same website? i know of people that have done this many times. it\'s messed the fuck up. alot of people do it so that they can have one profile that shows them, and another profile so that they can say things that they don\'t want anyone to know that is from them. well if that is the case then they should just keep their identity a secret. cause some people have multiple accounts as i am sure that the mods are aware of. or they will just make a new profile to fuck with someone by posting somthing or writing a blog just long enough for someone to read it and then delete thier account. i\'ve seen this happen so many times. it\'s a very cowardly thing to do. i don\'t understand the reasoning behind it. because it has always been my opinion that if you have something important enough to blog about that people should either know it is you, or recognize the profile name. people that hide behind multiple profiles in my opinion are cowards.

idk…maybe there is a good reason for this, if someone knows of one please let me know.

i think the last thing that people need on sites like these are to be fucked with like that. its a cruel and cowardly thing to do.

i will always write my blogs under my name or my ONE profile! like i said, i understand the need for some people to keep thier identities secret, but there is not a good reason that i know of for anyone to have more than one profile on the same site.


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