Today i cut myself after about 2 months of not cutting. But i’ve been having a couple of rough days….and my boyfriend doesn’t understand or even tries. He just ignores me and it feels like he wants me to disappear. I wish i could…he doesn’t understand the pain that comes to me everyday of my life. Somedays i feel okay but others I don’t and its harder on weekends cuz i’m stuck at home doing nothing and it drives more crazy. There are somedays i’m just ready to cry the whole day. I’m so angry at everyone more at him cuz he is suppose to try and be there for me if he really loved me…like he says. i’m even mad at myself for cutting….but i enjoyed every minute of it. Now i have to find a way to hide them from my boyfriend before he starts threating on leaving me cuz he says its stupid. Even if he thinks it is he should try to understand me and help me but no he pushes me away everytime something is wrong with me. how can i believe in his words or even trust him if he can’t accept me for who i am. His soultion is just to leave me and be friends…but that would make no difference it would make things worst cuz i do love him but he gets me so angry. 🙁 :censored: i’m so angry and sad at the same time i just want to see him now and have him hug me and tell me everything is going to be okay and that he understands even if its a lie.:em4600: i dunno what i’m going to do tomo. we don’t have a car in my house…my stepfather returned his car and his truck is in the shop. so i’m stuck for sure here tomo and my boyfriend won’t come see me cuz it seems like he rather just go home or anywhere else than come see me. I want to be with him but how long can he last to be with someone who is worthless like me and can’t give him space. i’m so sad i want to cry and just cut myself again. Maybe tomo…Maybe tomo

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  1. ziquester 16 years ago

    Haha also on an article from Cosmo Magazine..think about your relationship..does he make you happy or sad?If happy,thats awesome..if sad,well you know what to do.
    But I guess maybe your boy does not know how to handle whats going on,he’d rather stick around for the good times and leave you when its bad which is sad.I know you dont want him to leave you but if he isnt helping make things better and making you happy..whats the point of being with him?

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