I'll start with the ultimate confession. Brace yourself people you'll find this offensive particularly if you're English. Here it goes …. I don't give a damn about the Olympics. Told you it would be shocking. Everyone says things like “it's a once in a lifetime chance” and I think you could say that about any moment in life. Tomorrow is July 28th 2012. There'll only be one of them in your lifetime so that's a once in a lifetime moment. Bet nothing memorable will happen though.Any way this afternoon i got a call from a “friend” who asked me if I was interested in seeing Olympic boxing with him. Immediately I knew this was going to end badly. He knows I have no interest in sports but seemed offended when I said no. Then all the abuse starts about how I'm not a nice person and am only interested in myself. And then he carries on saying he thinks I'm selfish and nasty for only coming home from university / college for a few weeks. Just before he hung up on me he said “why should we be friends?”This got me thinking, at what point had he asked about me? He hadn't. When was the last time we did something I wanted to do? Can't remember. Agreed to go and see the Batman film last week, he blew out a few hours before. Stopped in ONE shop I liked last week and he threw a tantrum and wouldn't come in. In fact I can't remember the last time he actually asked about me. He just always wants something from….So maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore :(And bang goes another friend. It upsets me that people in my life don't care about me as a person and it leads to one question – if I was gone tomorrow would anyone care? Life is not worth the effort any more….

  1. tcsoprano 8 years ago

    Not liking the Olympics does not make you awful. And this person doesn't sound like a good friend. I know that feeling of not wanting to put effort, I feel it right now too.

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  2. mybeing 8 years ago

    Not liking the Olympics, hhmmm.. well..your not the only one! When we had ours I did not like them either, for lots of reasons. So what, what happend to your own opinion, cause when you give it everyone jumps down your throat.And thats why we keep to ourselves.

    I say good day to the friend, did not sound like he was intrested in you thoughts or likes. it WAS all about him!! You need to find ppl that bring you hapiness, dont surround yourself with the haters. I am learning this now, very hard. had to let go of a friendship that was 11 years old. Did not realize, until she moved that wow, a huge block off my shoulders. So i blocked her number and do not alk to her after telling her i cant anymore i am not her punching bag.(not literally). I am now starting to PICK my friends. And I am up to 2!! lol and not really friends, just women I can sorta hang with and casual conversation.

    So I guess my point is, keep going and dont give up there are ppl out there.Its just we have to find them and sometimes they are there we just dont know it.

    I have been where you are many times.there is a light, somewhere hiding……


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