Well thank bloody god it’s friday. It’s been a long week and i’m so glad it’s over. Bring on the weekend I say. I have been in all but 1 class this week, which is an achievment in itself.

As for classes, well I’m getting through them bit by bit. I’m actually starting to think i might actually be able to get them done. I’m glad. Fingers cross I pass!. I had a good time in my afternoon class, had a real confidence boost. After asking the teacher over and over, and not getting what exactly the assessment was, I now actually get it! and to make things even better, the teacher couldn’t get one of my older classmates, to understand the assignment. I told him, and explained it, and he got it! and EVEN better, I could answer questions from that classmate, and give RIGHT answers! and EVEN MORE better, I could explain to the whole group things that the teacher hadn’t even thought of. I left the class feeling confident. Which for me is something that doesn’t come along alot at all.

On other class news: I have decided that I am going to do the presentation classes on thursdays. Thanks to Crystal_B for confirming that is what I want to do. Your support is great, thanks for that.

On sad news:

My knees have been so painfull today. Got to the point that I was almost in tears. It hasn’t been that bad in a while. I took some pills, and even got some anti-inflammatory gel to rub on them. It has dulled the pain a bit, but it’s still there. I hope it goes overnight.

I still haven’t found my TV remote, much to my dissapointment and anger.I have NO idea where that bloody thing has gone! My sister had a good look in my room today as well and she couldn’t find it either. We have now gone to the theory that aliens have obducted it in the middle of the night, and are now completing "experiments" on it. So instead of me having the tv on to stop the quietness, I have gone to my ipod stand. Ohh well better than nothing I guess. I can’t stand having a quiet room unless i’m reading.

I had a wierd night last night. I started feeling very odd… lightheaded and such. I know why it was. It was a mixture of too many pain killers and alcohol. When will I ever learn? .. I wish I could answer that.

I got asked to go to a "study group" on sunday. I don’t know if i’ll go or not. I feel bad cause this guy has asked me 3 times now to go to his place for a few drinks and such, and each time I have either said i’ll wont be going, or cancelled at the last minute.( Hes gay too, its not a romantic thing, just a friends thing)  I guess i’m just scared of the social aspect of it. I havn’t been social like that for what seems like forever. Hes one of these types that is very social. I wonder how someone gets to that point? .. Odd. Some of the class want to get together for dinner one night too. I’m not sure about that. I mean I like alot of them and everything, they are awesome people.. I’m just worried about being so social. What if some thing happens? what if i say or do something stupid. I know i have irrational thoughts, but its just me.

I was going to get my nose pierced today. My sister tried to talk me out of it, giving all these different excuses as to why I can’t get it today. I went to the shop, and asked how much it was and it was $30 for using the gun and $50 for a needle! Since when has it been that expencive?! When my friend got hers done years ago, it was only $12! I was shocked. I rang a few other places to compare and they were all the same! When I got my tongue pierced it was about $50! how does that work? a nose is nothing! Anyway so that is going to have to wait until payday, much to my dissapointment. My sister brought it up with mum when we were in the car.. Mums reply "Well I don’t like nose piercings, but whatever".. Geez.. She said she didn’t like tattoo’s on girls too, now i have two, She said she didn’t like tongue piercings, Ohh i have one of those now, she said that she didn’t like labret piercings, hahaha Got one of those too. Stupid bitch she is. I love my piercings, i love my tats, and I plan on getting more of both. Screw her. She can’t say anything about it. I don’t care if she don’t like the way I look, I don’t like her full stop, so too bad soo sad, and get over it woman!

Well thats my rant for today…..




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