After receiving a text from my lovely boyfriend saying 'not sure what i would do without you' i decided to write a blog dedicated to him.

We were paired together in groups on our media course at college, we got along really well i fancied him a little, but knew that my friend fancied him more so i didn't dare get too close. I quit the course after year one due to my emotional state. But went back to college to try a painting and decorating course, My boyfriend was still doing his 3rd year of his media course! We met up on lunch breaks, then met up after college. Then we kissed at a party which my friend noticed and freaked out. I was totally ruined. My 'friend' turned everyone against me that night. I got a taxi homethen received a text from him asking if i was okay. I couldn't bare to face anyone for at least a week, i felt like a hideous slag tbh.

We continued to meet up after college,he soon asked me to be hisgirlfriend,i was delighted/terrified to say yes. I was hesitant though cause i scared of being hurt. But looking at it now its the best decision i ever made. I no longer talk to my 'friend' so that just prooves who was a real friend there! I cried solidly for a week, was so upset and thought i'd ruined everythingwhich i'd worked so hard towards, I was under so much pressure from my 'friend' i nearly caved in and saidto my boyfriend ' 'friend' is putting me under alot of pressure, i'm not sure i can cope with this, sorry i thinkwe're gonnahave to call it quits, friends?' he imediately textback saying 'WHAT?! no i'll sort this out' i think thats when i properly fell for him 🙂 First few months i wasstillstruggling coming to terms with what life has thrown at me, but i don't think i could of done what i've achieved now without him by my side :') We've travelled across the globe together, we sleep in eachothers arms when we're at eachothers houses. He hugged me so tight last night.

I guess what i'm trying to say is Stuart i love and care for you so so much! Best decision i ever made! Your family have been so friendly. I couldn't ask for much more to be honnest. You irritate me sometimes, and i take it out on myself (viscous circle) but i could never hate you. Because i love you 🙂 <3 <3 <3

And happy 21st birthday!!! Hope you enjoy our helicopter ride on saturday!!! x

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  1. naomijane 10 years ago

    We have now been together for 2 years and 2 months 🙂 <3

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