Oh my shite, I went there

So yeah. Obviously you gotta LOVE my title. I figured out a few months ago that I hate being identified as she/her, and that I rather be they/them. NOT he/him. So at first, when I was 12, I was in the midst of my depression. Cutting, drinking -yes alcohol-, getting high, and kissing my female roommate at the FPA residential facility.

I figured “I must be Lesbian!”

And then: Oh. Shit.

Why? I’m adopted into a devout Italian Christian family. It doesn’t matter that I’m only almost 15 years old, I’d be booted back into foster care asap. My depression got worse then. Why? Because when I was almost 14, I knew I was pansexual, and that I identified with both males and females. I only came out to the internet just yesterday.

Thankfully, I got a therapist for my depression that I wrote off as from my PTSD from before I was adopted. I was prescribed meds, and I can tell her anything and everything. I love K.

But as anyone with similar situations probably know, it’s too hard to pretend to be a girl after a while. Or a boy. Or to pretend to be straight. Please DO talk to me. This can be pretty lonely.



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Also: love dory!!!!!!


  1. falloutchild 1 year ago

    hey! it really sucks that u had to go through that. i am going through a similar thing. im also non-binary and my parents think that 15 is to young to know anything about myself. anyway i wont bore you but if u wanna talk feel free to DM me anytime <3
    from seth
    p.s. dory is the bestttt

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  2. marijeane 1 year ago

    Dory rocks.

    My third child is non-binary. It is lonely. It’s less well understood than gay, lesbian or even transgender. My other 3 kids are cis straight, cis bi, & trans bi. It was easier for those last 2 to come out to my Italian Catholic family than it is for my non-binary child. Nope. Not out to the family yet. Family confused enough by trans. But still loving & supportive, with maybe only 1 exception. But that’s not bad for a big, and I mean huge, Italian family!

    If you don’t get enough responses or support here, let me know. With your permission I could pass your info on to my child (age early to mid 20’s) & maybe they can contact you? (They’re not on this site.)

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