When i was in fifth grade my dad found is soul mate ( love ) on facebook from high school. He met her before he got married to my mom and they have always been in lovee and after high school they never talked to each other. They faded away from each other. When my dad was 34 he said this is my high school love. I said dad i am happy for you if this chick treats your right. He has been dating this girl named mila for 3 years and in 6th grade that when the problems came in. He was calling my house phone acting like some dude i didnt even know swearing at me and saying bad things about my mom and being the worst dad because of this girl. They dyed my hair Blue-ish/Bleach blond when i was sleeping and i looked like a skunk i was so mad. 7th grade he was with her and in the beginning of the year ( this year ) he was talkin about my mom and i was down there in indiana for a week visiting my dad and it was halloween and that night he got drunk and mila his lover made me go in the car with him and he almost ran over a fetility pole and then got pulled over and got arrested right in front of me and went to jail. worse thing i could ever see is my dad going to jail. i went to juvi because i got out of control and i broke my window and ran away because i didnt want to deal with anything anymore..My mom and i were in the biggest fight and it was hard for me to not talk to her. Mila my dads girlfriend cheated on my dad with his boss in front of my eyes and had sex in my dads bed and told me not to tell my dad she said that my dad tried to kill him self and cut himself and how he is going to come after her and her kids when that stuff was never true. They broke up for a couple of weeks and then i called him and he told me he was in indianna and he was like ya me and mila are back together and then i knew this is wearing the bproblems are going to come in again. I recently got in contact with my half sister ( consider my full because we are so close ) and it was the greatest moment of my life just to see her. We told my dad everything she had done behind his back and he was upset and we told him because he is our fatehr and we care about him and we dont want to see anything bad happend to him. I dont even know who my father is anymore 🙁 I want my father back, is that to much to ask? He says i need to forget the past and move on and that if i cant make some sort of a relationship with his gf again and her kids then i shouldnt talk to him. Then he says either your going to not talk to me or accept my life/relationship and be a family again. I will never ever consider his gf my step mom ever in my life. She is bad and she not the one for my dad and i noticed that she likes to blame things on my dad and take his money and do everything around the house and that really pisses me off. I keep reminding myself over and over i dont want anything to do with my dad unless he is done with his girl for officlal. I dont care about his games anymore and i just dont know what i should do with him.. Ya i love him because he is my father but i hate how he acts and everything now adays. He isnt himself anymore…


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