To be honest, I really do not want to have to write this. I do not want to have re live those moments again, but I know nothing will make sense unless this is included in my story. It probably won’t even matter since nobody reads my blogs anyways.

So the basic back story behind Elizabeth is that we met at the end of 2017 and dated the first few months of 2018. She had been divorced 3 years after being in a 10 year marriage. She told me from the very beginning she wasn’t looking for a serious relationship and at first I was fine with that. I should have known right there that was a bad sign. The funny thing is, 3 weeks into “talking” to her I actually was going to suggest it would be better if we were just friends. She had been distant the whole 3 weeks we were supposedly talking. Then during Christmas I got a chance to have a great night with relatives and was reminded how great it is to feel loved and accepted and realized I wasn’t getting anything near that from Elizabeth. A few days before I was going to give her “the talk” she invited me to watch a movie on the big screen. While we were there we had our first kiss and our relationship really started headed in a better direction. Things were still kind of rough, though. I was very excited and happy, but I also wanted this to lead to more. It was still pulling teeth to get any type of commitment from her. In fact, she was still telling people she was single.  But every time I thought I had enough and wanted to move on she would do something that would keep me around. She told her dad about me, she introduced me to her friends and daughters. From the impression I got from her when we first started talking I honestly thought I wouldn’t meet her daughters until like maybe a year down the line. So meeting her daughters and spending time with them was huge for me. It really made me feel like she was going to try to give this relationship a chance. From there she always did just enough to keep me thinking she was starting to take this seriously. So to wrap up this part of the story, I thought we were getting close. We went on a cruise middle of April and I felt like that was the closest we had ever been. Three weeks later on the 3rd of May we got in an argument because I felt like she still allowed this one guy named Jose, whom she had been involved with before, to still flirt with her. I thought the argument would just blow over, but at the end of it she asked for space. It eventually led to us “breaking up” (even though we weren’t even officially together).

I’ll continue this in my next blog. I don’t like writing blogs that are too lengthy. I hope someone will comment on this. It honestly hurts when I take the time to write a blog and it doesn’t even seem like anyone takes the time to read it.

  1. jayce 4 years ago

    im sorry to hear that youve been going through this, sounds like it hasnt been easy for you lately. i wish i had more to offer, sometimes i cant tell whether or not im just making things worse, but genuinely my heart does go out to you

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    • Author
      ucfdarkknight 4 years ago

      @jayce thank you so much. just you responding to my blog meant more than you could ever imagine. thank you for taking time out of your day to reading my blog and responding to it

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