Well today was a pretty big day, i went and met my new boss and we sorted out my work rota, im officially startting next friday…..im excited and really nervous too. I mean i know i can do the work but i just so desperatley dont want to fail, i dont want to disappoint and let myself down- again. After that i went and met a woman from NA. (I ended up meeting her when i went to a meeting the other night but when i got there the olace was closed and there was a sign on the door sayiing why with her name and number so i called her and we talked for  a bit then she asked to meet me over the weekend) we met in a coffee shop and she brought a younger member with her too becuase she thought that it would be noce for me to talk with someone my own age too. So this woman , and the young guy , and myself sat down and just talked- about everthing! they were so nice and kind and understanding, they told me all about the meetings and what happens at them, what the guidelines are , gave me some information leaflets, a list of meeting all over the country and shared there storys with me, i think they were both genuinely nice, kind people. We stayed talking for about 2 hours and then when we were leaving they told me about a meeting in another town tomorrow night. I said i would go but i have only been to the town once or twice and im not sure where the place the meeting is on is, so they both say to me ' oh sure we will come with you' !!!!!

so tomorrow they are going to meet me before the meeting and we are going together

For the first time in a lonng long time  feel i can say im actually HAPPYLaughing


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