That promising glow is glimmering at the horizon
It warrants me with a smile
I feel like i could go for miles and miles
I stop and wonder, for only a second
Then i feel the heat and the excitment beckon
Won’t be long till i’m the greatest at my profession
Just a few more steps, and i’ll be there i reckon….

It seems i took the wrong path
I can’t see the promising glow when i look back
Maybe i’ve gone too far…..
Did i take a wrong turning?
Rain is cascading, cascading from my eyes
I’m falling now, nothing left of me to disguise
The monsters calling now, I think i’ve forgotten how to survive….

All these amazing colours are flashing by
My god! This is the most amazing view for my eyes
The stars are shining really bright in the sky
In the wind i can hear a whisper "You’re gonna be fine"
Yea, everything is alright, i really feel i could fly!
I will be touching the stars, i’ll be so high!

It was unexpected as the wave took me away
I didn’t see it coming, now i’m just lying here today
Looking up at the bleak sky, watching as it rains
My heart is breaking and there is nothing i can do
Because i’m locked up with these chains
The stars are falling ontop of me
They’re not shiney or gold
They’re just grey and old

Wait, i think i might be okay
Maybe in another world, on a different day
I can fly, damnit i can fly!
Yea just you give it a try! No on will catch you when you fall!
I could have it all, a beautiful world,  family and a really nice car!
I’ll be famous as i strum along on my guitar!
My art will become famous and i’ll be a real star!
Maybe it’d last a day, but i assure we’ll make it ugly and take it away
Can you feel that? the noose tightening around your neck?
You can barley breathe, as those tears stream down your face
You’re a complete wreck
How you ever gonna make it in this place?
Sometimes you might think you’re gonna be okay,
But we’re picking up the pace
We’ll keep promising you, then we’ll take it all away….




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