Ate some vegan, chocolate ice cream, and watched some Star Trek.  Mags and I are supposed to get together in an hour.  We’ll see if that actually happens.  We miss each other, but we both have a tendency to bail.  I want to get those pix developed, but I am so slow moving today.  I need to get some shit done around here.  I need to get some sh*t done, in general.  Need to cut back on the marijauna – I think it is slowing me down.  Can’t wait for Jordan to get back to town.

I wish Maria would answer one of my calls.  I miss her. 

I have tried to make some new friends through, but so far, I have just been hit on by old men.  At least an upcoming photography event sounds pretty cool – it’s a kink photo shoot (complete with models and props).  I paid the fee, and I am going to try to get some good shots, if I can.  It sounds promising, and fun.  I identify with other freaks.  I am not looking for a kink partner, as many probably are, but I am a masochist/submissive, and have often wound up being friends with like-minded people, purely by chance.  So, a Kinky Artists group seems like a potentially cool crowd to pull from.   After a couple of messages that I think were aimed at my pants, I put a disclaimer on my profile stating that I am ONLY seeking friends (meaning, of course, that no sex – loving, or recreational – is on the menu).

I paid for my internet and got the rent paid, this week – it’s late, but it’s paid, and that’s good enough, for now.  Need to throw some money at the electric company, soon…

I need to call my doctor.  I am always so sick – it’s like my insides are practically gone.  I am concerned about some things.  I need to get on top of shit  emotionally, materially (in terms of order and cleanliness), and otherwise. 


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