Okay…so I'm about to start taking classes online again…and mind you I'm a single working mother of two kids only 13months apart.

So my thing is this…Why are people rag'n on taking classes online??? People telling me oh they must be some easy classes since they are online! I'm like umm no they are just as hard as taking them on campus. I in fact think it's a little harder then taking them on campus. To take classes online you have to hella organized, have self motivation, and good time management.

I mean come on now with online classes you can do the work when you want to, and go onto the class when you want to and your at home! Now I could be lazy as all hell and sleep and not do the work or whatever…because when u go on campus your there in a classroom the teacher is there lecturing or whatever you know…you can ask the teacher this and that and get help from others in your class right away.

Online you have e-mail and wait for a response from your teacher. And your sitting at home with so many distractions, tv. do'n other thing on the net, telephone…in my case all of that and two kids, diapers, making lunch and dinner, laundry, pumping breastmilk, breastfeeding all the while keeping my 1yr old out of things….And so many other things…and on top of that I work too.

Then the reading for an online class can be up to 4-6chapters a week…and when in class on campus you typically go over everything in the book and a few outside things, so the reading is a little less, and you have better understanding of what your reading, and your homework, etc because it's been discussed prior.

Ahhh…I don't understand some people…I'm just like well umm hello at least I'm going to school despite everything. So really what is the deal. Why do some people down people who are taking classes online…??? I don't understand and prob never will…And most of the people who say crap aren't even in school, don't wanna go, never have went…..

Okay so umm yeah I'm done with my vent so to speak!

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  1. Louisiana1976 14 years ago

    Good luck with your classes! I've never taken an online class, but imagine it would be hard with all the distractions you have around with you. Hope they turn out to be helpful.

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