for those of you who have read about my parents here is another update….yesterday my dad was taken to the hospital because he'd felt sick the last few days and couldn't eat and when they got to the hospital and they were moving him from the ambulance gurney to a bed his heart stopped.  They did all kinds of things to him and finally shocked him back!  My mom stood there watching all this until a nurse took her to the waiting room and she was alone for a bit traumatized….thankfully my niece got there within 10 minutes but still my poor mom was so scared of losing my dad….they said his potassium level was down to nothing and with that, his meds, insulin and not eating the combination caused the heart attack.  They filled him with fluids and potassium thru IV and last night he was looking better and even ate.  They are keeping him again tonight but the heart doctor said one thing happens and it could trigger another heart attack and that will be it and that if my mom hadn't brought him in when she did he wouldn't be talking to them at all.  So so scary….but he's doing better he even called me himself and  he did sound good just like dad.  My mom is so stressed though she looks bad and weak again but hopefully when he's home she will rest better but she's also afraid of something happening when it's just the two of them and going thru this again….I wish I could take her fears away and keep dad safe but praying is all I can do.  I just hope it's painfree and they know they will be going "home" so they are both at peace about passing on.  I know they will be at peace and painfree but oh God how I will miss them!  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and holding my worry stone and letting the angels take my worries to God….any prayers would be much appreciated, more than you know….thank you.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 14 years ago

    You can't take anything away that they are going through; you are there supporting them and that gives them strength and courage. feel blessed thhat you could do this for them.

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