What are the chances that Brent (the guy I was involved with a few months ago, and am still convinced we're perfect for each other) and I were scheduled to get our wisdom teeth out not only on the exact same day, but as the exact same time as well?

It gave us something to bond over.

"Are you excited?

"No! I'm nervous!"

"Aw, don't be nervous, it'll be fine. I promise."

So we've been talking much much more lately. In the last few days, I've talked to him more than anyone.

And when I said "This is going to be awful!", he said "Think about all the jello and pudding we can eat. It'll be fine, don't worry. We can suffer through it together. We can console each other, okay?" 

And then yesterday (we both got it done at 9:30 am) he sent me a message via Facebook right when he got home, saying,


How are you feeling? Hope everything went well 🙂

Just checking in,


He sent that message around quarter after 1, and shortly after that we started talking on msn. And then we talked on and off all day, until after 1:30 am when I decided to go to bed.

We compared our recovery statuses.

"Can you feel your tongue yet? What about your chin? I still can't."

And we talked about movies and jello and just.. everything.

And then I couldn't stand it anymore so I had to tell him.

I know you probably don't want to hear it, but I've got to say it. I told myself I wouldn't do this again, but we can't help how we feel, can we? You're just being so nice and wonderful and ugh. I'm getting feelings for you again. I don't want this to be a repeat of last time. I don't know what to do. If I'm coming off as totally crazy, can we blame the T3s and forget about it?

For the record, I am really sorry. I didn't want this to happen. But you know I'm not the type to keep my feelings to myself.

And then he replied,

Well to be honest I'm glad you told me
I kind of have feelings for you but I'm not sure exactly how I feel though, you're great I'm just not sure whether I'm looking for anything too involved right now
I just wanted to say I have feelings for you too
talk to you in a bit


And then he asked me if I wanted to get together outside of class sometime. We're both in the same program, so we have four classes together.  

So… that's it. I'm not sure exactly what he meant by "not sure whether I'm looking for something too involved right now", and the way he changes from "I kind of have feelings for you" to "Just wanted to say I have feelings for you too".

But hey – I was expecting worse, so really.. it's a good thing? 

We'll see what happens.  



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