Hey everyone 🙂 I haven\'t written a blog for a while, so here goes. I am now on medication for my OCD but it doesn\'t seem to help really, if fact not much at all… Anyhoo, if you have seen my previous blogs, you will know about my frenemies, well the one person I trusted, one of them, I will refer to her as Tina, the first person I trusted, I told her everything, myCBT sessions, my problems, everything. And guess what she did, she went and told people! I found out from someone else. I was of course, devastated. Not only did she tell them I had OCD, she went into all the detail. I won\'t and can\'t trust anyone from now on. I have know her since I was 3 yrs old. Anyway we argued, at first she denied it but then she had to admit it. Since then, I tried to forgive her, but things just weren\'t the same, I was fed up of being ignored and teased. She told me I was too hard to be friends with because I had a \'\'mental illness\'\' and she also told me that other \'people\' had told her to just ignore me and asked her why did she bother. She called me a psyco behind my back along with alot of other things. So we both agreed to ignore each other, however, my \'other friend\' wouldnt speak to me, I asked her why, she said she didnt want to deal with me. I will refer to her as..Melanie. Of course I knew it was because Tina wasnt.

Anyway, I decided I was better off, I tried to ignore their nasty comments on twitter and facebook etc, but it was hard, especially as they are in my form class and alot of my other classes. They would sit there turning around smirking and giggling, I have even started avoiding going to form. Then one day i checked my inbox, \'\' Go and wash your dirty hands over and over again till they bleed\'\' it was off Tina. Why was she doing this? Hadn\'t she done enough? How could she be so…nasty? Then I got a similar one from Melanie. The next day in school, they both sat there glaring at me and when I saw them, they began doing actions, like washing there hands, wiping them over and over again, I couldn\'t stand it so I ran out of class , hid in the toilets and cried. Anyway, sorry it is so long but it helps writing here about it. Please if you have twitter or know anyone that has it, please please please follow @wecanbeatOCD, I made it to help others like me and to make people more aware of it. Thankyou and I truly appreciate it 🙂 x x x <3

  1. Vic 13 years ago

    reading this broke my heart. i am so sorry you are having to go through this. it is hard enough to go through ocd as is but to be abandoned and betrayed by people you trust is even harder. it is better off if you can just ignore it, all they want is a reaction ANY reaction and yes i know that is easier said than done especially when you are in high school. Try to hang in there, you are a better person than they are, and they are lower than low for doing things like that.

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  2. fadedecho 13 years ago

    sounds like those so called friends werent friends at all. I know how u feel when i had ocd everybody avoided me like the plague

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